Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine   | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC   - Detroit, MI

Think of sports medicine and you probably think about professional athletes. Even though this does apply, it is not absolutely true. This specialized form of physical therapy applies to athletes at all levels. All athletes must concern themselves with sports performance to stay successful.

Sports medicine is the branch of medical science that focuses on preventing and treating injuries. It involves prescribing physical fitness exercises. Ask for a technical definition and you likely will hear it's science of sports combined with the practice of medical principles.

Here at Physical Therapy Southfield, PC, we are the sports medicine practice of choice for many athletes in the Detroit, MI area. Athletes know they can trust our experts for developing a customized program that takes them to the next level.

Many athletes follow a maintenance sports medicine program. This program not only helps the body rehabilitate to its pre-injury form, but concentrates on keeping the individual at that level. It optimizes sports performance levels. There is an ideal maintenance program for every athlete. Just ask our physical therapy professionals for assistance!

As an athletic rehabilitation expert, a physical therapist will help you enhance your functioning while lowering your down time from the sport you love. Improving your overall functioning level is the key concern of any reputable, highly trained physical therapy professional.

Some of the more common issues seen by our experts here at Physical Therapy Southfield, PC involve the knee, back, hip, and shoulder injuries. Treatments can range from gently massaging the affected area to prescribing a comprehensive exercise program that restores the part to a functioning level.

Not every physical therapy practice offers sports medicine services. Turn to Physical Therapy Southfield, PCof Detroit, MI and we promise you will be satisfied with our competency and prices.