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Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist   | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC   - Detroit, MI

Trust your body to only a licensed physical therapist. This professional meets the stringent requirements set forth by the highly demanding physical therapy industry. Demands include passing arduous tests, completing continuing education classes, and hands-on experience. This industry is not for the light-hearted.

Here at Physical Therapy Southfield, PC, we employ only the best in the clinical health science field known as physical therapy. Clients in the Detroit, MI area love this about our practice. Unlike some of our competition, we proudly represent our profession in a reputable and professional manner.

Physical therapy is considered a natural healing modality. Your physical therapist relies on physical treatments like heat application, exercise, and massage to get your body operating at its optimal level. Long gone are the drugs and surgery recommended by some medical care providers. We do what it takes to help your body recover, maintain, or improve its current state of health.

As a first-time client, plan on having an initial consultation with your physical therapist. This gives our professionals a chance to assess your current condition.This first-hand assessment provides valuable information needed to develop a customized program.

Physical Therapy Southfield, PC is known for providing the best Outpatient Physical Therapy services in the Detroit, MI area. We offer a number of programs to suit a variety of client needs. You may need to see our physical therapist twice weekly for three months. Many appointment schedules are dictated by health insurance companies.

We work with private pay clients. Consider having our outpatient physical therapist develop a maintenance program for you. This is the perfect option for those wanting to maintain a healthy functioning life.

Take advantage of our free initial consultations today to see how our physical therapist at Physical Therapy Southfield, PC of Detroit, MIcan help you and your health. Do not wait any longer!