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Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation   | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC   - Detroit, MI

Physical Therapy Southfield, PC is the physical rehabilitation site for people in the Detroit, MI area. We have developed a local and industry reputation for offering a number of treatment programs at reasonable prices.

Physical rehabilitation, also known as physical rehab, is the term given to the branch of medical care that concentrates on using physical measures and techniques to restore your body to its pre-injury condition.

Physical rehabilitation is not for the weak. It involves an extensive amount of hard work, pain, and suffering. Anyone with any type of injury and experience with a physical therapist will attest to this. The success of any program is up to you and your commitment level. Our experts can develop the best treatment program available, but if you do not do the exercises involved, it defeats the purpose.

You can have the same injury or surgery as another person, but still have a unique physical rehabilitation program. All programs are customizes to suit individual health levels, medical history, and other factors deemed important by the physical therapist.

The experts at Physical Therapy Southfield, PC have the background and expertise to develop a number of customized programs. This can involve the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular systems. Only an expert and your medical care provider will know what suits your situation.

Types of orthopedic conditions that have been treated successfully at our practice include all types of arthritis, back pain, amputations, neck pain, whiplash, and multiple sclerosis. With over 30 years in the orthopedic field, we have what it takes!

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