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About Us

About Us | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC   - Detroit, MI

Physical Therapy Southfield, PC is an outpatient physical therapist-owned business. We have been helping patients in the Detroit, MI area for over 30 years. Our two owners are highly respected professionals in the physical therapy industry. Both have extensive experience, certification, licensure, and advanced degrees. This assures our clients receive high quality treatments in a timely, efficient, and reputable manner.

Our practice and trained professionals use only industry-recommended physical therapy tools including resistance bands, exercise balls, hand weights, treatment tables, fitness equipment, parallel bars, and similar essential items. In addition to using these tools, you can bet your physical therapist understands how to utilize the tool for your individual condition and situation. Did you know each tool can serve multiple purposes? Our experts certainly do.

We have developed a reputation for excellence in the physical therapy, sports medicine, and physical rehabilitation worlds. There is a reason for this. We provide the best services at the most reasonable prices. Plus, we work with health insurance companies.

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