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Physical Therapy Southfield is an outpatient physical therapist owned clinic. The two partners are Johnny L. Smith, M.S., O.M.P.T. and Rick D. Orlandoni, P.T., O.M.P.T.

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Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapist   | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC

Trust your body to only a licensed physical therapist. This professional meets the stringent requirements set forth by the highly demanding physical...

Sports Medicine   | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC

Think of sports medicine and you probably think about professional athletes. Even though this does apply, it is not absolutely true. This specialized...

Physical Rehabilitation   | Physical Therapy Southfield, PC

Physical Therapy Southfield, PC is the physical rehabilitation site for people in the Detroit, MI area. We have developed a local and industry...

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Physical Therapy Southfield, PC has been helping people in the Detroit, MI area for over 30 years with their orthopedic and physical therapy needs. Over the years, our practice has proudly developed a positive reputation with orthopedic doctors from all around the area. We value these relationships and continually work to improve them. Our clients love this!

Our professionals are both industry certified and highly educated to provide the most competent, professional, and knowledgeable services available. We continually hear how easy our experts are to talk with. Our practice succeeds by conversing with patients like they are treasured family members. You can count on our experts to communicate in friendly, easy-to-understand terms. We value open communication and encourage questions from all of our clients.

We specialize in sports medicine for all types of athletes. This includes the weekend warrior to professional athlete. There is a program to suit all needs and budgets.

Working with a physical therapist can save money, time, and frustration. Turn to the pros at Physical Therapy Southfield, PC of Detroit, MI and start enjoying a more fulfilling life. Schedule an appointment today!